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Review Of The Best Oil Change Software

Review Of The Best Oil Change Software

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Review Of The Best Oil Change Software

Review Of The Best Oil Change Software

In this guide to the best oil change software, we’ll look at five top business management tools to help you run your quick lube shop more efficiently.

Whether it’s customer service, employee management, or giving your oil change clients the flexibility to pay in a way that suits them best, the given platforms below will help you overcome whatever challenge your business faces. 

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Top 5 Best Oil Change Software

1. Shopmonkey

Best All-Round Oil Change Software

shopmonkey review

If you’re looking for the ultimate all-in-one platform to manage your quick lube or auto repair shop’s entire operation with maximum efficiency, look no further than ShopMonkey

Frequently rated as one of the all-around best software solutions for automotive businesses, both the desktop and mobile versions offer a host of easy-to-use features that allow you to automate everything from appointment scheduling and invoicing to inventory management, customer service support, and more. 

What really sets Shopmonkey apart is its impressive array of integrations with third-party services. This allows you to connect the software to your preferred, such as payment processors, accounting software, and marketing platforms, making the platform an integral asset for optimizing your workflows. 

Shopmonkey Pricing

shopmonkey pricing

ShopMonkey plans range from $124.99 to $424.99. All plans include unlimited quotes, invoices, SMS notifications, and email reminders.

2. GaragePlug

Best Customer Service Features

garageplug review

If improving customer relationships is the main reason you’re planning to buy oil change software, GaragePlug is worth checking out. 

The platform’s most significant selling point is a novice-friendly automated communication system that keeps your customers informed at every step of the game via their choice of SMS, email, or WhatsApp notifications. 

GaragePlug Pricing

This system can help with the following: 

  • Sending customers reminders about their next oil change
  • Providing live service updates
  • Personalizing branded digital invoices
  • Automatically collecting customer feedback and auto-sharing them to your Google My Business profile. 

Elsewhere, GaragePlug gives you everything you need to automatically launch your own branded Android and iOS mobile apps with online booking, customer support, and payment features.  

GaragePlug offers a 7-day free trial followed by custom-priced plans tailored to your needs.

3. Fieldd

Best for Mobile Businesses

Fieldd is a five-star rated app that makes it easy to manage your mobile oil change business on the go. 

Fieldd Review

Combining the advanced capabilities of enterprise-level software with an intuitiveness that makes it ideal for beginners, the platform packs in a plethora of features designed to help you provide the best possible service. 

The online scheduling feature alone makes Fieldd a worthwhile investment for busy oil change providers, giving you one-click options to dispatch mobile mechanics to new jobs and allow customers to access live SMS updates about their designated technician’s progress.

However, a real highlight is the excellent License Plate Lookup feature. Linked directly to USA DMVs & CARFAX, this feature works across all 50 US states to ensure you’re scheduling and maintaining the right vehicle in the right way. 

Fieldd Pricing

Fieldd Priing

Field offers three plans ranging from $69 – $269 per month. A bespoke enterprise plan is also available for large companies. 

4. DropTop

Best for taking payments 

Droptop software review

DropTop is a best-in-class business management tool designed specifically for small and growing quick lube shops. 

The platform simplifies the process of scanning of VINs, scheduling appointments, and managing your inventory, but where it really excels is in the realm of integrated payments. 

In an economy that’s becoming ever more digitized, customers expect a range of options to help them pay their invoices in a way that’s most convenient for them. 

DropTop provides that, offering a range of solutions, including invoice links sent directly to customers’ smartphones, Point of Sale (PoS) integrations, and online payments, including the ability to pay at the time of booking. 

DropTop Pricing

DropTop software pricing

Plans for DropTop’s oil change software range from $150 per month for 150 monthly invoices up to $270 per month for 1,000 monthly invoices. An enterprise plan with bespoke pricing is also available if you need more than 1,000 invoices each month. 

5. Torque360

Best for Employee Management

Torque360 software review

If your oil change shop has grown and you find managing your staff challenging, Torque360’s all-in-one business management platform may be the solution you need.

Eliminating the confusion and complications that typically arise when assigning employees to new jobs, Torque360 provides an intuitive interface through which busy business owners can quickly create a new job card for each oil change and give it to a technician based on their availability and expertise. 

We’re also very impressed with the ability to track how much time employees spend on different tasks to help you see which tasks may need more resources and which can be done more efficiently.

Combine this with the ability to collect contactless payments and accept card payments via integrations with a host of leading POS systems and a host of other easy-to-use tools, and it’s easy to see how Torque360 can help you spend less time in the weeds, freeing you up to focus on the bigger picture of your business growth. 

Torque360 Pricing 

Torque360 software pricing

Torque360 has a limited, 7-day free trial, after which plans start from $89.99 per month.

How to Choose the Best Oil Repair Software

Ultimately, the best oil repair software is the one that most closely suits your needs and budget. 

While ShopMonkey may offer the best all-around combination of useful features and effortless usability, you may prefer to use GaragePlug to take advantage of their best-in-class automated customer communications system or opt for Fieldd if you run a mobile business.

The guide above should help you find the one software solution that’s best suited to overcoming the obstacles you face, but if the biggest challenge you’re up against right now is getting your business off the ground, get all the help you need in our guide to starting an oil change business.


Review Of The Best Oil Change Software

Review Of The Best Oil Change Software

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