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Top 5 Best Dumpster Rental Software

Top 5 Best Dumpster Rental Software

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Top 5 Best Dumpster Rental Software

Top 5 Best Dumpster Rental Software

Whether you’re finding yourself swamped with an influx of complex B2B rentals or struggling to improve the efficiency of your workforce, dumpster rental software can prove to be an invaluable investment, arming you with the tools you need to overcome your biggest obstacles.

Below, we’ll share with you our pick of the five best rental management solutions and outline how each one is best suited to tackling a specific challenge.

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Top 5 Dumpster Rental Software Solutions 

1. EZRentOut

Best All-Round Dumpster Rental Software

EZRentOut Dumpster Rental Software

EZRentOut by EZO is the ultimate all-in-one software for managing and growing your dumpster rental business. 

At its heart, the cloud-based platform features a best-in-class online booking system and comprehensive CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools that make it easy to maintain a rental schedule that’s free from double-bookings or other troubles, along with easy-to-use tools that take the hard work out of handling B2B rental contracts that may be a little more complex than the norm. 

We’re also really impressed by EZRentOut’s web store, which helps you drive targeted customers to your website, allows them to search for the specific equipment they need, and make a booking, all within a few quick clicks of a mouse. 

Also working in the software’s favor is that it’s the only one on this list to offer transparent, upfront pricing, making their plans (which range from $79 to $299 per month) a great option if you need to make a quick decision based on budget. 

2. Samsara

Best for Managing Employees

Samsara Dumpster Rental Software

Forget your trucks and forget even your most expensive dumpster, the most valuable asset to your company is your staff, the employees who are out there daily, executing your vision. 

Samsara is a software solution whose developers understand this better than most. 

Along with a stellar GPS fleet tracking tool that provides a real-time overhead view of every vehicle’s location, Samsara also gives you analyses engine diagnostics and fault codes and automated maintenance scheduling to prevent costly breakdowns and keep both your vehicles and your staff safe. 

Speaking of safe, here’s where the cloud solution really comes into its own. 

Samsara delivers cutting-edge safety tools such as integrated dash-cams that rely on AI technology to detect risks and offer in-cab alerts with recommendations on improving their driving.

All this is in conjunction with other valuable features, such as automated workflows and inventory tracking. 

3. DRS Dumpster Software 

Best for Increasing Online Sales

DRS Dumpster Rental Software

The ideal rental software solution for increasing online-generated revenue, DRS (Dumpster Rental Systems) offers the perfect combination of back-end business management tools and front-end eCommerce solutions. 

Like EZRentOut, DRS provides you with a ready-to-go website that you can populate with your rental equipment. 

Where this one excels, however, is t not only does it do a fantastic job linking this eCommerce site to your inventory manager so that stock changes can be updated in real-time, but that your website comes with a variety of high-quality design templates perfectly tailored to the dumpster rental industry.

4. Docket

Best for GPS Dumpster Tracking

Docker Dumpster Rental Software

With a never-ending stream of pick-ups and deliveries to organize, keeping on top of what’s going where and when can be a full-time job, taking you away from focusing on the growth of your business.

If that sounds like a familiar challenge, we recommend trying Docket

A leading full-service management system, the software’s most significant selling point is the excellent real-time tracking system which utilizes GPS technology to help dumpster rental company owners locate employees and asset tracking with pinpoint precision. 

Combine this with superb route optimization features, and Docket is an excellent choice for growing businesses struggling to keep tabs on an expanding workforce.   

5. Quipli

Best for Collecting Payments 

Quipli Dumpster Rental Software

It’s fair to say that one of the biggest digital transformation challenges for small dumpster rental companies is adapting to the increasing number of payment options customers have at their disposal. 

It’s this challenge that Quipli is so good at overcoming. 

Yes, this all-encompassing platform does a first-rate job at scheduling rental bookings and managing inventory, but it’s the point-of-sale integration and eCommerce features that really stand out. 

Quiipli integrates effortlessly into all types of different websites to give customers a range of online payment options. It’s also very easy to link invoices to your POS device to provide a smooth, swift experience when customers choose to make card payments. 

How to Pick the Right Dumpster Rental Software For Your Business

If you read through the reviews above, you should have been able to to determine which dumpster rental software is best suited to achieving your dumpster business’s most pressing goals or overcoming your biggest hurdles.

For example, if the ability to track assets in real-time from any device is your number one priority right now, the excellent GPS tracking features offered by Docket make it worthy of serious consideration.

If you’re just starting out and need a quick, easy to use solution for generating rental revenue online, look no further than the top-class eCommerce features of DRS

However, if you’re simply on the hunt for one platform that can streamline and enhance just about every aspect of your operation, EZRentOut is undoubtedly the way to go.


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Top 5 Best Dumpster Rental Software

Top 5 Best Dumpster Rental Software

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