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Swyft Filings Corporation & LLC Formation Review

Swyft Filings Corporation & LLC Formation Review

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Swyft Filings Corporation & LLC Formation Review

Swyft Filings is an entity formation service focused on helping entrepreneurs get their business running as easily, efficiently, and affordably as possible.  What makes them unique against other entity formation companies is they assign a personal Business Specialist, so you have one dedicated person to help you through the process of starting your business.

The dedicated customer support is a great selling point, but how good is Swyft Filings against better-known formation companies like IncFile and LegalZoom

Overview of Swyft Filing Corporation & LLC Formation Services

When forming a corporation or LLC with Swyft Filings, you get:

  • Verification the LLC name is available
  • Preparation of the Articles of Organization
  • Filing with the Secretary of State
  • Statement of the Organizer (document officially transferring the entity from the organizer to the members)
  • Online access to incorporation documents
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Free 30-minute tax consultation
  • Free reminders when important documents like the annual report are due
  • Free domain name

Depending on the package selected, some additional services may come at an extra cost. Let’s look at each of the packages in more depth to see what services you really need and make it easier to choose the best package for you.    


There are three packages ranging in price from $49 – $299.  Let’s look at the packages and see which options are necessary.

Basic Package – $49 (plus state fees) – The Basic Package offers all you really need to get your LLC formed: verification of name availability, preparation and filing of the Articles of Organization, customer support, tax consultation, reminders when reports are due and even a free domain name.

There are still a few things that may need to be done that are provided at the more expensive packages, but we can show you how to do them at no cost.  The Employer Identification Number ($70 charge) is needed for multi-member LLCs, an LLC with employees, or for certain tax elections and only takes a few minutes applying for one with the IRS.  The bank usually provides the banking resolution ($30 charge), so there’s no need to pay for that either.

For the same cost as the Basic Package from Swyft Filings, Filenow also has a package for $49 and offers 24-hour processing, a free registered agent for 1-year and free EIN registration.

A digital corporate kit is offered and isn’t a requirement, but a handy place to store your LLC documents, certificates of ownership, entity seal, and initial documents. Swyft Filings charges $99, but you can pick one up for $50 at Amazon.

Standard Package – $149 (plus state fees) – The middle package is the Standard Package and you get all the services in the Basic Package plus an EIN, Operating Agreement, banking resolution, and initial minutes.

Premium Package – $299 (plus state fees) – The most expensive package from Swyft Filings is the Premium Package.  In addition to what comes in the Standard Package, this package comes with the electronic delivery of the formation documents, fastest processing of the three, LLC binder, and express shipping of documents.  

Unless you really need the faster processing of the Premium Package or the addons like the EIN and company documents, for the money, the Basic Package is probably the best option of them all.

After filing, there are a few additional requirements to finish off the registration of your LLC.  Learn more about them below:

  • Employer Identification Number – Required for multi-member LLCs or if there are employees
  • Operating Agreement – Only a requirement in a few states, but especially important regardless of the state for multi-member LLCs
  • Registered Agent – The owner can act as the registered agent at no cost. Learn more about the requirements to be a registered agent


Swyft Filings has a lot to offer with their formation services but they are not as well-known as their competition.  Their website is super easy to use to get an LLC formed quickly, but do they live up to their 100% guarantee? We were able to find two independent online sources that provided customer feedback to see what customers had to say. 

  • The Better Business Bureau shows Swyft Filings has not been BBB accredited and only received a 2-star rating from 22 customers
  • Trustpilot is a completely different story, rating them as Excellent with 1,614 reviews and a TrustScore of 4.7 / 5

Why choose Swyft Filings?

In this day and age of anonymous customer service agents, it’s reassuring to have a dedicated Business Specialist help with the important task of forming an LLC.  No other service that we have come across offers this level of customer service.

While there isn’t a free version like IncFile and Zenbusiness, the price of the $49 Basic Package is very reasonable as it includes:

  • Domain name ($10-$15 value)
  • Dedicated customer support person (worth every penny if you need to talk with a person)
  • Lifetime access to the formation documents
  • Alerts when LLC documents are due

In all three packages, Swyft Filings includes reminders when important documents like the annual report is due unlike IncFile which requires you to sign up for the Gold Package at $149.

The online reviews are pretty confusing since BBB rates them so low and Trustpilot rating them so highly. Someone from Swyft Filings is actively answering the complaints on BBB, so that is encouraging.    

Overall, Swyft Filings services are very good and the pricing is fair, however the low ratings from BBB are concerning.  Based on the closeness of service and positive reviews of IncFile and ZenBusiness, they may be a safer option than Swyft Filings.

Do I have to use Swyft Filings to form my LLC or corporation?

No!  You can file an LLC or corporation without using an entity formation service or attorney.  You can learn more with our guides to forming an LLC for free in every state.  While you can do it yourself, using the a low-cost service like Swyft Filings (or the other business entity services we have reviewed) provides relief from trying to figure out if you filed the entity correctly. 

Swyft Filings Corporation & LLC Formation Review

Swyft Filings Corporation & LLC Formation Review

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