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BrandCrowd Review: Pricing, Features, And Alternatives

BrandCrowd Review: Pricing, Features, And Alternatives

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BrandCrowd Review: Pricing, Features, And Alternatives

BrandCrowd Review: Pricing, Features, And Alternatives

Combining a wealth of high-quality design templates with effortless, one-click customization options, the platform has earned rave reviews for being the fastest and most hassle-free way to make a logo online.

In this comprehensive BrandCrowd review, we put the platform through its paces to help you determine whether or not it’s the right tool for you.

What is BrandCrowd?

Formerly known as Brandstack, Brandcrowd launched in 2008 as an online marketplace where professional logo designers could sell their designers to business owners that need them. 

Today, designers can still sell logos, social media designs, and other marketing materials, though you can now edit these yourself in a matter of minutes using the incredibly beginner-friendly logo editor.

How to Use the BrandCrowd Logo Maker 

Brandcrowd Review

Right out of the gate, one thing we love about BrandCrowd is how easy it is to get started. 

After entering your email address on the homepage, all you need to do is tap ‘Create Logos.’

Brandcrowd Keywords

From there, simply enter a keyword or two to find some logo designs related to your business.

For this tutorial, we’ll imagine that we’re starting a bike shop business, that we need to make a logo for. 

With that done, complete the following steps to finish your logo.

1. Choose a Logo Type 

Brandcrowd Logo Type

BrandCrowd gives you the option to create a text-only logo or make a design combining text and an icon. 

Since an icon gives a logo more visual appeal, that’s the option we’ll use today.

So, select ‘icon and text’ then tap ‘Continue.’

2. Choose a Logo Design

Brandcrowd Choose A Logo Design

After you choose your logo type, BrandCrowd presents you with a gallery of potential designs that feature your email address in place of your business name. 

Fortunately, you can quickly change that by entering the actual name of your business in the designated box at the top of the screen, and each logo design will then reflect this new name. 

This is a nice touch as it gives you a very clear idea of what your new logo will look like without requiring you to make any edits. 

Whether these logos are a good fit for your business depends on your personal taste and the kind of branding you want to use. 

Brandcrowd Logos

Some of them are a little too basic for our liking, though with 9,600 options to choose from, we could eventually find one we liked, and we’re sure you will too.

Brandcrowd Logo Designer

Of course, it could take forever and a day to browse through over 9,000 logos, but you can save yourself some time by tapping ‘More’ in the top search menu. 

Brandcrowd Filters

This will allow you to filter your selections according to logo style, font style, and color scheme. 

3. Choose a Variation 

Brandcrowd Variations

When you’ve found a logo design you like, click on it to view different color and layout variations of the same logo. 

You can select the one you like best by clicking on it. 

Brandcrowd Logo Ideas

Selecting your logo opens it up in the Brandcrowd editor, which you can use to customize every aspect of your design. 

For example, you can:

Brandcrowd Fonts

Alter the style of your text using an extensive selection of unique and attractive fonts.

Brandcrowd Layout

Transform your layout with a single click, avoiding the need to manually rearrange elements as you would with other graphic design tools.

Brandcrowd Background

Change the background color. 

Brandcrowd Icon Color

Change the icon colors. 

Brandcrowd Shapes

Enhance your design with an assortment of shapes and graphical elements. 

Brandcrowd Animation

The great thing about this editor is that it’s straightforward to use. In fact, though we love other graphic design platforms like Canva, even we have to admit that Brandcrowd trumps them all in terms of usability.

Simply select which part of your logo you want to customize, tap on a color, shape, or style, and it will automatically be applied to your design. 

5. Download and Pay for Your Design 

Brandcrowd Download Logo

When you’re happy with your completed design, tap the download button. 

Brandcrowd File

Select your package, enter your payment details, and that’s it. The company gets to work on ensuring your design is of the highest possible quality and sends you a complete pack of high-res images in a variety of file formats including:

  • PNG
  • PDF
  • SVG
  • JPG.

Additional Tools & Features

Along with the ability to use thousands of premium logo templates, you can also export your finished design onto a wide range of print and digital marketing materials, including:

  • Social media posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, and Youtube
  • Menus
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Invoices
  • Letterheads
  • Gift vouchers. 

Meanwhile, the ability to download high-resolution vector files also makes it easy to use your logo on print-on-demand sites to create promotional items such as mugs, t-shirts, and stationary.

Brandcrowd Pricing

One thing that bothers us about Brandcrowd is their lack of transparency regarding pricing. 

The company doesn’t tell you in advance how much their service costs, meaning you have to actually create your logo before finding out how much it will cost to download and use it. 

When you do that, you’ll discover that you have two options: 

1. Premium Logo Pack 

$15 p/m if paid monthly / $5 p/m ($60 p/y) if paid annually

This includes:

  • Unlimited edits of your logo
  • High-res and vector files
  • Download print-ready business cards, social media files, and letterheads featuring your logo
  • Access to 40 additional design options with over 40,000+ premium design templates. 

2. Premium Logo Pack + Website

$24 p/m if paid monthly / $7 p/m ($84 p/y) if paid annually

Includes all of the above, plus a basic, mobile-responsive website featuring your logo. 

All in all, this does represent good value for money as it means you can quickly and easily design all the marketing materials you need for your new business for less than $100, though for things like business cards, you’ll still need to pay extra to get them printed. 

BrandCrowd Licensing and Commercial Use Terms

When you buy a logo pack from BrandCrowd, the company offers you a standard license which grants you a non-exclusive license to use the design for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

That means that the original design your logo was based on will remain in the BrandCrowd library. Of course, this means that they can be used by other businesses, which may present a problem when it comes to ensuring your brand stands out from the crowd. 

The platform does offer the ability to buy either an exclusive license or a Buy-Out license, both of which take the design out of the library so that yours is the only business that can use it. 

However, in keeping with the company’s lack of pricing transparency, they don’t make it clear how much these licenses cost or how you’re supposed to buy them, as there’s no option for this on the checkout page. 

BrandCrowd Customer Support

Brandcrowd Customer Support

BrandCrowd support is basic but adequate.

The company only accepts support requests via email. We’ve seen reports that there is a phone number you can call for support that is tied to the brand’s sister site, DesignCrowd, though this isn’t publicly available, leaving you with the email-only option. 

The good news is that the support staff are helpful and knowledgeable and typically provide a same-day response depending on what time of day you get in touch.

Though live chat and phone support options would be great, we can’t knock BrandCrowd for the support that they do actually offer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brandcrowd

Is BrandCrowd a legit site?

Yes. BrandCrowd is a reputable, legitimate website for making high-quality logos and other marketing materials. The platform is owned by the same brand that runs the popular DesignCrowd website.

Can you use BrandCrowd logos for free?

No. BrandCrowd doesn’t offer free logos. Although you can create your design without paying, you’ll still have to hand over your credit card to download and use your design.

Are BrandCrowd logos copyrighted?

BrandCrowd’s standard license gives you non-exclusive rights to use your logo for commercial purposes, though the brand retains the intellectual property rights to your design unless you buy them from the company. 

Is Brandcrowd Logo Maker Worth It? Our Final Thoughts

Before we set out to write this BrandCrowd review, we spent countless hours testing the platform and experimenting with its basic but useful features.

Afterward, we came away with mixed opinions. We can’t help but feel as though BrandCrowd offers a fantastic, easy-to-use graphic design tool but then lets itself down by making important information like pricing and licensing difficult, if not impossible, to find. 

Although the customization options are relatively limited compared to other online graphic design platforms, we’d argue that’s all part of BrandCrowd’s appeal, making it as simple as possible to create a captivating logo in under 20 minutes and download your finished design in a pack full of high-resolution file formats.

If that’s just what you’re looking for, you probably won’t find a better, more affordable option than BrandCrowd. However, if you prefer access to a broader range of templates, graphics, and customization tools, you may want to try Canva or another platform instead.

Visit Brandcrowd to try out their logo service for yourself!

BrandCrowd Review: Pricing, Features, And Alternatives

BrandCrowd Review: Pricing, Features, And Alternatives

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