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How to Register for a Seller’s Permit

How to Register for a Seller’s Permit

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How to Register for a Seller’s Permit

One of the most common permits a business will need to register for is a seller’s permit.  Any business selling products and offering certain services will need to register with their state in order to legally sell and collect sales taxes. 

What is a Seller’s Permit?

A sales tax permit, also known as a sales tax license, is approval from a state for a business to collect and remit sales taxes when it sells a taxable product or service in that state.

Each state has different taxes depending on the location of the business and the product or service being sold. Additionally, businesses selling across state lines may have to register with each state. 

How to Get a Seller’s Permit

Every state is slightly different, but the general process is to visit the Department of Revenue or similarly named state taxing agency, find the correct form, and provide information about your business. The process is occasionally combined with the state business registration but is a quick process in most states.  

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Click on your state below to learn more about how to get a seller’s permit.  

How to Get a Wholesale License

The process is different in each state, but in addition to a sales tax permit, businesses often have to register for a wholesale license, which is also referred to as a resale certificate or seller’s permit.

Learn about the process in each state for registering for a wholesale license

How to Register for a Seller’s Permit

How to Register for a Seller’s Permit

4 Responses

    1. Hi Bill – You will be able to get that through your state’s Department of Revenue. Each state is different, but some states have them in your account to download and for others, you will have to contact them to get a copy.

      Hope this helps!

    1. There are actually a few parts to your question, and without knowing some specifics, I’ll try to help provide some answers.

      First, to create a Seller Central account, Amazon requires:
      – Bank account and routing number
      – Internationally chargeable credit card
      – Government-issued ID
      – Tax information
      – Phone number

      So, with that, the part I can help with is tax information, and this is primarily determined by the legal entity that you choose. If starting out, you are a business without employees, you would likely either be a sole proprietorship or LLC. With either of these, you can use your social security number or get an EIN. If your business will have multiple owners or have employees, you will be required to get an EIN.

      In addition to Amazon’s requirements, you will need to register with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue as a Sales Tax Vendor, and you should get a resale certificate, too. Depending on where your business is located in the state, you may need local registrations, in addition to a DBA if you plan to operate as a sole proprietor.

      Here is some more info that explains the registration steps in MA –

      Hope this helps you get started, but if you have more questions, please let me know!

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